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Our range of Port & Harbour Workboats and custom built vessels

Port & Harbour Workboats

MMS have developed a range of workboats specifically designed to assist with port and harbour operations.

The vessels are manufactured in aluminium or steel, and are built to British Marine Coastguard Association (MCA) approval.
All our vessels are simple and safe to operate, require minimum crew and are constructed to the highest standards.
We can give you a fixed price and date for delivery anywhere worldwide.

Envirocat Harbour


The Envirocat Harbour is what every port operator, harbour authority or marina cannot do without!

MMS have developed a mini multi-purpose catamaran called the Envirocat Harbour, constructed in marine grade aluminium, which can carry out the following duties:

  • Removal of Oil Pollution from Water Surface
  • Collection of Flotsam and Floating Debris
  • General Workboat Duties
  • Diving and Underwater Work
  • Recording Depth Readings
  • Transporting Equipment

The Envirocat Harbour is road transportable, weighing only 5.5 tons and is powered by twin 45hp engines. The pollution control equipment is easily operated and can collect and store up to 4 tons of waste oil, this can be then pumped ashore into a reception facility. In addition to this, the vessel can scoop floating debris from the water surface, which can be segregated and lifted ashore with the vessel’s small hydraulic crane. MMS can also supply a bigger version of the Envirocat Harbour, 16 metre Envirocat Coast, capable of carrying out the same duties offshore.

Tug / Line Handler


The 10 metre tug/line handler is a very robust workboat constructed in steel, built like a little ship and specifically designed for day-to-day harbour duties, including:

  • Line Handler for Assisting During Mooring Operations
  • Towing Duties with a Bollard Pull of 2.5 tons
  • Transporting Equipment and Ships’ Stores
  • General Workboat Duties

The vessel, strongly constructed with a weight of 13 tons, is powered by a 180hp engine. In addition, a bow thruster can be installed if required. The vessel is fitted with a push bow, tow post and rubber D fender from bow to stern.

Work / Safety boat

Available for Charter


The MMS Guardian is designed to carry out emergency response and rescue for works being carried out within enclosed waters such as harbours, rivers and estuaries. The vessel is built to the highest standards and is classed to the MCA Workboat Code 3. The vessel is capable of carrying out a multitude of duties including:

  • Safety Stand-by Vessel
  • Tug with 2.2 tonne bollard pull
  • Line handler
  • General workboat
  • Jetty and Quay repairs
  • Marine construction.

MMS offers clients 24 hour coverage, 365 days per year; with two man crews working 12 hour shifts. The crew are trained in casualty rescue, first aid, boat handling and navigation.

Custom Built Vessels

MMS offer owners a full turn-key package and supply high quality vessels in steel or aluminium to any classification standard requested.

Our work boat building facility includes a 30 x 12 metre undercover building hall with a further 40 metre quay space. Our management team and workforce ensure owners get exactly what they require on time and to budget.

MMS can supply all vessels such as small harbour tugs, workboats and catamarans to owners specific requirements. Larger vessels such as flat top barges or pontoons up to 100 x 19 metres can be built in one of our graving docks.

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