Pollution Control

Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5

The Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5 has been designed to give owners a simple to operate, easy to maintain aluminium workboat.  The vessel is efficient, cost-effective and 100% eco-friendly with zero emissions. 

Primarily designed as a workboat to collect floating plastic and flotsam, carry out general work boat duties and support industries such as fish farming and aquaculture. 

Operating Costs
Cost to fully charge approximately £12 = £2 per hour Operational Cost €13.96 = €2.33 per hour Operational Cost (based on 2023 UK electric cost of 34p per kWh) 

Arrange a Visit Our Shipyard to Trial the All-Electric Eco 8.5 

Should you wish to trial the Envirocat Eco 8.5 All-Electric we would be delighted to arrange travel costs and an overnight stay if requested. Our team at MMS look forward to welcoming you to our shipyard in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK.   

The Envirocat All-Electric Eco 8.5 was designed in conjunction with Rockabill Marine Design. 

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Envirocat Harbour

This vessel is what every port operator, harbour authority or marina can’t do without!

The 9 metre multi-purpose Envirocat Harbour is constructed in marine grade aluminium and is capable of carrying out the following duties:

  • Collection of plastic from the water’s surface
  • Removal of oil from the water’s surface
  • General workboat duties

The Envirocat Harbour weighs 5.5 tonnes and is fully road transportable. The pollution control equipment is easily operated can store up to 4 tonnes of waste oil, this can then be pumped ashore into a reception facility.

In addition to this, the vessel can collect floating debris from the water’s surface, which can then be segregated onboard and lifted ashore with the vessels hydraulic crane. The vessel is safe and easy to operate and requires minimum crew. The Envirocat Harbour is successfully working for port operators in both the UK and overseas.

Envirocat Marina

Ideal for waste plastic control.

The 7 metre Envirocat Marina is constructed in marine grade aluminium and is ideal for collecting floating debris on the water’s surface. The Envirocat Marina can be used in enclosed waters, is fully road transportable and simple to operate. The scoop located at the front of the vessel makes for easy removal of any plastic on the water’s surface.

The waste debris can be stored aboard in the waste cage which can then be easily lifted ashore upon completion of the project. MMS can give you a fixed price including delivery and on-site training anywhere worldwide.