MMS Ship Repair and the Successful Rebuild of

In 2007, MMS Shipyard in Hull built the fishing vessel, Galwad-Y-Mor, which successfully fished out of Grimsby until 2020.

Whilst hauling pots north of Cromer, the vessel’s fishing gear snagged a 250kg World War II bomb which exploded directly under the vessel in 30 metres of water.

As a result of the explosion the vessel dropped 20ft and was then thrown upwards causing extensive damage and severely injuring crew members.  The Galwad-Y-Mor was badly damaged, flooded and lying low in the water.

Despite such extensive damage, the Galwad-Y-Mor remained afloat and according to the findings of the MAIB Report this was certainly down to the vessel’s high strength build by MMS, coupled with its original quality design (undertaken by Macduff Ship Design).

Towed to Hull, Galwad-Y-Mor was dry docked and completely stripped by the MMS team who had originally constructed the vessel.

A comprehensive rebuild then followed led by the highly experienced team at MMS Ship Repair and which included:

  • The replacing of 14 tonnes of shaped steel
  • Grit blasting – both inside and out – to prepare for a comprehensive painting programme
  • The installation of a full machinery package including main engine and generators
  • Complete re-wiring to include new control panels and energy efficiency equipment
  • The upgrading of the crew mess room to include washing facilities, appliances, seating and an oil skin drying locker
  • The grit blasting and recoating of the forward bait room and vivier tank
  • The reconstruction of sleeping accommodation to include seven berth accommodation and a separate skipper’s cabin
  • A high specification reconfiguration and refit of the galley, mess room and wheelhouse layout.


Galwad-Y-Mor was successfully re-launched in August and, since then, has continued to successfully fish once again off the East Coast.

MMS Ship Repair boasts over 35 years’ experience in repair, refit and conversion work comprising of over 10,000 repair contracts and the dry docking of over 1,200 ships.  In addition, MMS has constructed more than 20 new workboats – in both steel and aluminium.

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